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The On Track Interview Workbook is a complete, practical guide for the job seeker wants to understand how to successfully prepare for a job interview. Reader is carefully guided through the complex process of preparing for and completing a job interview. Emphasis is on two major areas - developing Behavioral Success Stories and Understanding the Behavioral Interview Process. Perfect for recent college graduates or experienced workers and job seekers

The workbook starts with Behavioral Success Stories as a foundation for a successful Behavioral Interview.Behavioral Success Stories are those stories that relate major successes in business, school, or other social settings. They convey important aspects about you, including your passions and strengths. You will learn to develop multiple success stories that can be applied in manyjob interview sessions, using the S.A.R. (Situation/Action/Result) process.

The workbook then discusses the Behavioral Interview Process, which is the key interview process used by many organizations. You will learn how to apply your success stories to the behavioral interview.

You will also learn about two other job interview processes - the Informational Interview and the Panel Interview. The workbooks also covers helpful job hunting tips on how to conduct oneself in a job interview, including how to dress and appropriate questions to ask, as well as the use of references Workbook includes templates, worksheets, checklists, practice forms, recommendations and suggestions, much more. A must for the serious job seeker!

Note: All materials in the Job Interview Workbook are included in the Complete Job Search Workbook. If you purchase the Complete Job Search Workbook, you do not have to purchase the Job Interview Workbook separately.

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Complete Job Interview Workbook

Table of Contents


Chapter 1

Developing Behavioral Success Stories:

Your Actions Speak Louder Than Your Words

Page 6

Chapter 2

Informational Interviews:

Sometimes It Pays Just to Ask Questions and Listen!

Page 46

Chapter 3

Preparing for an Interview:

Successfully Selling Yourself

Page 61

Chapter 4

References: It is About Who You Know!

Page 164

Chapter 5

You Interview Portfolio – Everything You Need in Easy Reach

Page 178