6. OnTrack - Interview Portfolio Organizer with Interview Practice CD Price: $23.95

The On Track Interview Portfolio Organizer provides job seekers an easy system for compiling and organizing materials needed for a job interview.  The job seeker is often asked for information and materials during a job interview - a resume, business card, references.  Rather than having to scramble to find the requested information, the Interview Portfolio Organizer provides one place to have all  materials available within quick and easy reach.  Perfect for recent college graduates or experienced workers and job seekers.

The Interview Portfolio Organizer is digitally delivered with easily downloadable files.  The Interview Portfolio Organizer provides a full list of materials that might be needed during a job interview - some obvious and some not so. Digitally delivered via the internet,  the Interview Portfolio Organizer explains how to arrange the assembled materials in a three-ring binder, using the Avery Wizard along with the On Track index tab template with Microsoft Word.   Worksheets and templates for employer history, personal history, references, and interview questions & answers are provided.  Separate job interview checklists for men and women, as well as tips such a the best way to shine your shoes, give the user of the Interview Portfolio Organizer the advantage of being better prepared than the competition. Includes audio that is downloadable to CD to facilitate practice of 32 interview questions.

Note:  Materials in the Interview Portfolio Organizer are included in the Complete Job Search Workbook, with the exception of the downloadable Interview Practice CD.  If you purchase the Complete Job Search Workbook, you do not have to purchase the Interview Portfolio Organizer.  Windows 7 or Audio CD creation software needed to make CD. 

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