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On Track Complete Job Search Workbook provides the job seeker important information and materials to help maximize their job search efforts.  A thorough yet easily understood process leads the job seeker through the often complicated and stressful job search process.  Appropriate for recent college graduates seeking a job; experienced job seekers; job seekers re-entering the workforce; and anypone else seeking new employment.

Workbook topics include personal assessment of skills, competencies, strengths and passions; researching the right companies to interview; preparing for all types of interviews, including behavioral, informational, and panel; questions you might need to answer; questions you should ask; maximizing your networking efforts; writing the most effective resume; cover letters; thank you notes and cards;  developing the best references; and dozens of practical job hunting tips and suggestions at every stage of the job search process.

The On Track Job Search Workbook also contains numerous templates and forms that allow the user to better organize their job search efforts.  Included in the workbook:  templates for resumes, cover letters and thank you notes; forms to collect reference information; work history detail, and personal information; assessment forms including those for skills, personal traits, and competencies; a personal Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, & Threat worksheet (SWOT); Behavioral Interview stories template; interview question and answer worksheets; targeted industry worksheets; and many more...

The On Track Job Search Workbook is digitally delivered and downloadable from almost anywhere.  Forms and templates can be readily saved and edited. 

Note:  The Complete Job Search Workbook includes all of the materials in the Job Interview Workbook and the Interview Portfolio Organizer.  If you purchase the On Track Complete Job Search Workbook, you do not have to purchase the Job Interview Workbook or the Interview Portfolio Organizer separately.

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Complete Job Search Workbook

Table of Contents


Chapter  1 

Taking Those First Steps – Getting Started on Your Job Search                            

Page 6


Chapter  2 

Personal Fact Gathering – The Importance and Power of Knowing Yourself    

Page 34

Chapter  3 

General and Job Skills, Personal Traits and Competencies assessments: 

Understanding Your Uniqueness


Page 48

Chapter  4 

Formulating Your Direction and Strategy:

Goal Setting and the S.W.O.T Analysis

Page 71

Chapter  5

The SWOT Analysis: 

Making Sense of All This Information!


Page 83

Chapter  6 

Developing Behavioral Success Stories:

Your Actions Speak Louder Than Your Words


Page 93

Chapter  7 

Informational Interviews: 

Sometimes It Pays Just to Ask Questions and Listen!


Page 133

Chapter  8 

Preparing for an Interview:

Successfully Selling Yourself

Page 148

Chapter  9 

The Impactful Resume:  Building Your Story in a Compelling Way


Page 251

Chapter  10 

The Cover Letter and Thank You Notes:

Getting Noticed!


Page 293

Chapter  11 

References:  It is About Who You Know!


Page 308

Chapter  12 

Industry and Company Fact-Gathering:

Knowing Where You Want to Work

Page 323

Chapter  13 

Network Building:

Expanding Your Contacts to Benefit Your Job Search

Page 345

Chapter  14

Reducing Risk of Identity Theft


Page 377

Chapter  15

You Interview Portfolio – Everything You Need in Easy Reach


Page 384

Chapter  16

Suggested Book Reading List

Page 411