What is the Complete On Track Job Search Workbook?

The On Track Complete Job Search Workbook is a comprehensive, systematic approach for people seeking not simply a job, but seeking the job and career that best suits their talents and passions.  This unique 400+ page workbook provides job seekers the most detailed processes for seeking the best job – processes  that include key steps, advice, and worksheets and templates at each step.


What is the On Track Interview Workbook?

The On Track Interview Workbook is a compilation of materials focused strictly in the Job Interview process. The 200 page workbook includes essential information on how to prepare for an interview. Emphasis is based on the development the behavioral success stories that are foundational to telling your story in the interview. The workbook also includes useful information how to always be prepared for an interview; developing effective references; assembling and organizing your Interview Portfolio; and the value of informational interviews. The workbook contains numerous templates, worksheets, guidelines, and helpful hints that will help the user maximize their interview.

The Interview Workbook is designed as a resource for those users who primarily want to focus on the Interview Process only. However, all the materials in the Interview Workbook are included in the Complete Job Search Workbook. There is no need to purchase the interview Workbook if you have purchased the Complete Job Search Workbook.


What is the On Track Portfolio Organizer?

The On Track Portfolio Organizer is a 28 page compendium that helps the job seeker compile and arrange key information to be brought to the actual job interview.  Emphasis is on assembling the needed information and organizing the information so that it is easily accessed.

What is the On Track Interview Practice CD? 

The Interview Practice CD product is designed to assist users in the memorization and practice of commonly asked interview questions.  The product is designed to be easily downloaded to a CD by the user.  The CD can then be played almost anywhere to practice 32 often-asked interview questions.

The format is simple.  Once downloaded to a CD, each interview questions is asked separately.  The user has 90 seconds to answer the question, and will be reminded of the time at 30, 60, and 90 second intervals.  The intent is to help the user memorize their answers until the answers are spontaneous and instinctive.  This helps instill confidence for the user, and prepares them for the actual interview questions

The optimal approach for using the Interview Practice CD is in conjunction with the Interview Question Worksheets.  Each interview question has a separate worksheet that is available in either the Complete Job Search Workbook or the Interview Workbook. The user should fill out the worksheet prior to using the  CD.  As the user gets a feel for the timing of his/her answers, the worksheets can be modified to reflect the best answers.

The Interview Practice CD can be purchased separately or in conjunction with the other On Track products. 


 Do I order the products together or separately?

The Job Search Workbook and the Portfolio Organizer are two separate products. 

The Job Search Workbook includes all of the materials available through On Track.  The Portfolio Organizer is included when one orders the full Workbook.

However, for those who do not want the full Job Search Workbook, the Portfolio Organizer is available for purchase as a separate item.

How are On Track products made available to customers when purchased?

On Track products are web-based products and are thus downloaded via the web.  After you make a purchase a digital good from our store, you will have access to your Download Center that lists all the products you can download.

How can I purchase On Track products?

On Track products are purchased on-line.  On Track accepts PayPal. You will be directed to the PayPal payment gateway to complete your payment. PayPal accepts all major credit cards.

There are lots of books and advice for seeking jobs.  Why should I purchase the On Track?

Yes, there are lots of books, seminars, advice, speakers, etc.  on the topic of career planning and job searches.  Many are excellent.  However, On Track’s approach is different.  First, On Track starts from the perspective that the job search as a marketing plan – with the job seeker as the product to be defined and refined. 

Second, the content looks at the entire process of the job search process – starting with personal assessments and ending with the actual job interview.  The materials are intended to provide clear steps and advice at each step of the job search journey.

Third, the Job Search Workbook contains literally dozens of templates and worksheet designed to help the job seeker better identify where they need to go in their job search.  Templates and worksheets cover areas such as personal assessment of strengths, skills, and personality traits; research on companies and organizations; behavioral success stories (a key aspect of the job search); references and networking contacts; resume development; form letters and e-mail scripts; question & answer worksheet; and much more.

Finally, the On Track was not written by HR or recruiting professionals.  On Track was written by professionals with a wide variety of experience and unique disciplines – professional who seek to redefine the job search process so that it is better understood and better executed by more job seekers.  The On Track authors feel a strong need in the marketplace for a more comprehensive yet easily understood job search process.

Who can benefit from the On Track Job Search materials?

Anyone seeking a job in today’s extremely competitive and difficult environment can benefit.  If you are a recent college graduate, this workbook can help guide you during those first uncertain days of job seeking.  For those who are more experienced but have not been in the job market for a while,  On Track provides a defined process for getting back in the job search game.  Anyone can benefit from some or all of the on Track materials.