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5. OnTrack - The Interview Portfolio Organizer


The On Track   On Track Interview Portfolio Organizer provides a simple yet comprehensive system for compiling and organizing materials that job seekers need for a job interview.  Digitally delivered with easily downloadable files, the Organizer includes the materials job seekers need to bring to the job interview.  Includes templates and worksheets for key information such as employer and personal history, Q&A, and references. Helpful job hunting tips and preparation overviews are also part of the Organizer.  Perfect for recent college graduates or experienced workers and job seekers.

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On Track Job Search Store offers exciting and easy-to-use products to help organize and maximize your job search. The On Track Job Search Workbook and On Track Interview Portfolio Organizer help you systematically approach the job search process in an organized and confident manner.   Excellent resource for recent  college graduates as well as experienced workers.

The Complete Search Workbook!

2. OnTrack - The Complete Job Search Workbook with Interview Practice CD Sale!


On Track Complete Job Search Workbook provides a comprehensive process for maximizing the results of your job search efforts. The workbook includes step-by-step process that helps the job seeker to understand the immediate step and its importance in one's job search.  The workbooks includes numerous templates and worksheets for critical content, as well as helpful job hunting tips.  Digitally delivered, easily downloadable. Includes audio that is downloadable to CD for practice of 32 common interview quest ions. Perfect for recent college graduates or experienced workers and job seekers. File Size: 314,485 KB 

Note: The Complete Job Search Workbook includes all of the materials found in the

    On Track: Systematic Approach for the Job Seeker Looking to Control Their Job Search

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The job search process has often been referred to as a full-time job in and of itself. A job search can be frustrating and even discouraging - if you do not have the right job search tools. However, the job search can be an exciting and prosperous time in your life if you know and understand where you need to be going.

On Track provides easily understood materials, processes, worksheets and templates to equip you with the information and tools you need to not only land a job - but the right job and career for you. Whether you are a recent college graduate; a person seeking a new career; a person laid off and seeking a new job; or someone re-entering the workforce, On Track is dedicated to continually developing, discussing, and finding relevant and useful job search tools for the job seekers. We will seek solutions that provide the job seeker with the resources needed to succeed.